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Sometimes promising ourselves ‘I will start tomorrow’ is not enough. No matter how many times we try, or tell ourselves we should do different, we keep on doing the same things over and over… Other times we cannot just get rid of those recurrent feelings, thoughts or pain.

Many of the things we experience in our lives are linked to beliefs, needs and feelings in a way that we may not even be aware; this is why change may be harder to achieve with ‘free will’ alone through conventional therapies.

With hypnotherapy, we can work with the unconscious to shape and change unwanted or unnecessary learned attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours; achieving things like stopping smoking or getting over fears, for example.

We may also just need a bit of relaxation/me time. Or we could just teach ourselves a few new tricks.

Interested? What else can we do with hypnotherapy?

Evidenced through real life stories of success and also backed up by studies, Hypnosis can help in the treatment of the following.


Habit Control

Body issues

Stress and Anxiety relief


Confidence Building


Stop Smoking, nail bitting, food cravings, compulsive behaviours.
Pain Management, sexual dysfunction, fertility issues.
Panic Attacks, anxiety, public speaking, low mood and depression
Stop being scared of spiders, flying, dogs, the dentist, you name it.
Start that new business or class, get yourself fitter, get motivated.
Find out the most efficient ways to achieve your weightloss goals.

Hypnotherapy is versatile

Different techniques can be integrated during a hypnotherapy session, since hypnosis is not limited to ‘sitting down on the chair and getting started’, but rather is a process, where different elements come into place. During the session we may decide to use direct and indirect suggestions, sense of humor, metaphors and life stories. We often use elements from NLP such as: observation of preferred representational systems (VAKOG), rapport, anchors, timelines, and more.

A good deal of creative thought and intution is used during a hypnotherapy session too, which we deem essential on delivering satisfactory sessions for the client.

Hypnotherapy can work fairly quickly

Since we are accessing information from the unconscious, and the unconscious can elicit this information easily, we can uncover underlying issues for a specific problem usually within one session. Most phobias, for example, only take one session to get solved! It is to be noted that cooperation is needed for hypnosis to work, and each client is unique. In some cases, hypnotherapy reveals more than one underlying issue, therefore more than one session is needed to see results.

Tailored Sessions

In each session you will be encouraged to relax and start your journey. Depending on your chosen treatment and assessment of your needs, we will draft a plan to establish your goals. Typically sessions are 60 min but can be extended upon request.

Hypnotherapy is safe and accessible

All we need to practice hypnotherapy, is a quiet location or a place where the client may feel at ease. At an additional cost, Mindart can deliver hypnotherapy in the comfort of your home or at the workplace. Also, hypnotherapy is a safe practice. In reality, there is no such thing as ‘mind control’ with hypnosis. Under hypnosis the client is in full control of what they allow to be discussed in the session. Even on entertainment shows, consent is always sought during hypnosis! A skilled hypnotherapist, will always remain aware of the client, the language used during a session and always have the client’s wellness as a priority.


"I am 57 years old. I used to smoke, I was a smoker for 39 years. I cut it for about 1 year twice in my life and for a few months three or four times. I certainly wanted to give up smoking, but I didn’t feel strong enough to do it. Until I meat Maria! She is a very talented young woman and she helped me in a very deep but delicate way, to start a new non smoking life! I feel very happy, strong, free, I feel that I can conquer everything in this life. I am so grateful she helped me with only one session to change my life in so many ways!"

- Antonia, 57

"I know Maria for some time now. We did lots of work together. It is very easy and comfortable to work with. Her gentle female energy and understanding is so easy to follow and you will feel comfortable to let yourself relax and let Maria to do her job she knows very well. Every single time we was very successful with hypnotherapy and Maria helped me a lot with self-confidence and personal struggles I went through for a long time. Thank you Maria for being here. Your hard work is much appreciated."

- Kamila, 39


MindArt offers bespoke training for individuals and organisations. We will apply and share knowledge and skills from NLP and hypnotherapy and put our experience as a trainer, speaker and educational researcher at your service. Learn about:

   Communication and assertiveness.
   Effective Presentations and Public Speaking.
   NLP Basics.
   Learn to Relax: Anxiety, Stress and Burnout Relief.
   Relationships 101.
   Self-confidence, Motivation and Self-Esteem.
   Resilience as a life skill.
   Hypnosis Basics/ Self-Hypnosis.

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If you are interested in treatment with Mindart, our policy is to conduct an initial briefing over the phone, this will allow us to assess the feasibility of hypnosis as a treatment in your specific case. Should we find that we can help you, we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire and comply with our T&C's, after acknowledgement your first treatment can be booked.





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